1/8/15 “Snacky”

2 Egg omelet with ham, cheese and peppers

Beef Stew with potatoes, carrots, celery, and some lima beans2 rolls with butter

Leftover bean tostadas
Chicken Nachos (Both with Daniel Plan sauce)Coffee (Yeah, 3 I know.  It’s been a cold day)

Exercise: NONE Like I said, its cold.

I’m starting to get snacky.  I want something to munch on. I have the popchips but I’m trying not to get to “in” to them.  They may not be worth the hype.  I’d go for trail mix but with Connor’s nut allergy I don’t like such things in the house.  My orange water and stivia has been a huge help in my drinking.  The orange and stivia flavors go really well together.  It’s sweet, but not high in calories, and I’m drinking lots more water.

My next challenge is going to be getting more sleep. No coffee in the evenings will help this. But I’ve been learning more about the need for proper sleep and how not having it can stress the body and hinder weight loss.  So, as I type this at 11:40 pm, I think my first goal will be a 11 pm curfew – and work from there.  Sweet Dreams!



About eadesfedup

A guy who wants to be around less...well, at least less a round.
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