1-12-11 Current Weight: 266

In the newest church newsletter, I said that I had slowly been losing weight. A church member told me she read that and thought to herself, “Not Lately.”  While my trajectory has been towards losing, her comment, thought stinging, rang true.

In all honesty, I did not want to weight myself or post to this blog today.  I have been totally irresponsible with my eating since Christmas.  I’ve been eating chips and kettle corn (both of which are for the boys) like there is no tomorrow.  The only think keeping me from ballooning is that my wife has started her diet and there are no sweets in the house.  I’ve been reading about my friends getting ready for Warrior events and marathons and I feel left in the dust.  So, time to honor my resolution and look back to God for guidance.


About eadesfedup

A guy who wants to be around less...well, at least less a round.
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