12-4-10 Food Log: The Convergent Circles of Diet, Money, & Leftovers.

Changing your lifestyle isn’t easy.  I’ve known for a while that healthy food appears to be more expensive that the foods that are bad for you.  A grilled cheese and a can of soup is way less expensive than organic spinach and the other salad ingredients…and they keep longer, too!  Also, when you have dinner somewhere, say, Olive Garden, and your wife only eats half of her Chicken Alfredo.  The next day she decides she wants something else for supper. What are you gonna do?  My brain says, “Don’t do it!  Your stomach isn’t empty.” “But, I AM,” retorts  the wallet.  Also, when the salad runs out on Thursday you’ve got to eat something else the rest of the week.  We can’t be running to the store every time we’re out of one or two things.  I know that some of this will work itself out. Once the “bad” things are out of the house, the solution is not to buy them again.  I guess if I tighten my belt, my waist line will follow.

Breakfast: Two eggs, 1.5 strips bacon, spinach, two pinches cheese. Cappuccino.

Snack: Another piece of bacon. Come on, its BACON!

Lunch: Pork tenderloin sandwich with mayo and cheese. Cheese rice cakes. Water

Snack: Cappuccino (Yes another one.)

Dinner: Half serving of Chicken Alfredo with some Italian cheese blend.

Dessert: Chocolate rice cakes.


About eadesfedup

A guy who wants to be around less...well, at least less a round.
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