12-1-10 Food Log

Breakfast: Omelet – two eggs, green & orange pepper, cheese.

TEMPTATION!: We took the boys to Chick-fil-a.  Did I eat even one of their hash browns? NO! Did I eat a bite of their delicious Chick-n-mini sandwiches with the honey glaze? NO! Did I even take any whip cream off Cooper’s milkshake? NO!

Did I drink a large sweet tea and get a refill? Yes…yes I did.  Oh, whoa is me; why is their tea so tasty?

Lunch: Salad of Spring Garden Mix with baby spinach leaves, carrots, cheese, turkey, peanuts, pomegranate seeds, broccoli and a dab of O’Charley’s honey mustard dressing.  Also some crackers. I drank one bottle of Truvia drink mix.

Dinner: (Wednesday night meals are prepared at the church. I don’t have as much control over what I eat.  So what I ate wasn’t that great, but I’ll still include what I DIDN’T eat.

I ate eggs, two strips of bacon and some buttery grits.  I didn’t eat: sausage patty, biscuit with butter and jelly, baked apples, or cake. I drank a Truvia lemon aid.

Snack: Thanks to the suggestion of my friend Joy Wright, I went to Food Lion last night and bought a variety of Quaker rice snacks. I was able to get some ranch flavored ones as well as chocolate.  They totally satisfied!


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