10/11/10 Weight: 269.5 Gained 1 pound. I need your help.

Have you ever had a friend that always got you into trouble?  Sure what you do with that friend is fun, but you always end up worse for being with him?  I have a friend like that.  My wife keeps telling me I need to forget him, but we’ve been friends since childhood.  He’s been there for me in the bad times.  I’ve tried to break it off before, but I just end up going back to him.  His name? Dr. Pepper.

I’ve a box of Dr. Pepper sitting in my office right now; next to a case of water.  It’s like the proverbial “angel and demon” sitting on my shoulder.  The water says, “I’m good for you.  I’ll satisfy your thirst and help you lose weight.”  Then Dr. Pepper says, “Water with what you’re eating?  That is not a good complement.  I’ve got flavor and energy and sweet, sweet goodness. Pour me over some ice and watch me fizz!”

Well, Dr. Pepper is moving out today.  I’m going to have no colas this week.  I need YOU to keep a tab on me.  The sprite is willing, but the flesh is weak.  I also need some suggestion on alternative things to drink.  I need seven, up to ten new ideas.  What’s your best lemonade recipe?  What do you add to something to make it great? I don’t want boring, I need something with pep, see?

If it has to be water, sobe it. But I do want you to challenge me on what I’m drinking. It’s adding calories I don’t want, but more importantly don’t need.


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A guy who wants to be around less...well, at least less a round.
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One Response to 10/11/10 Weight: 269.5 Gained 1 pound. I need your help.

  1. Heather says:

    I like the water flavorings. They have zero calories and my favorite is the cherry limeade. They are in a little box and you just dump the packet into your drink. I know that both Walmart and Target have store brands of them. Crystal Light also makes them.
    I also have recently found this site http://www.myfitnesspal.com. I love it! It is so easy to track my calories and exercise. My favorite part is at the end of the day when you submit your entry, it tells you “if every day were like today in 5 weeks you would weight X amount.” It is a great motivator. It keeps track of your calories, fat, protein and carbs. I have learned that I can usually stay within my calories, but my fat is too high. Check it out.

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