09/08/10 My old stomping grounds. Jog Log: 1.8 miles

When I was in college, I lived the first summer still with my parents.  Almost every day I went for a true run to the end of a cul-de-sac near their house.  This route has a semi-steep hill and a larger hill.  While I knew it was shorter, I decided that I needed to take this route for times sake.  I went from jogging, to slogging (see Jennifer’s comments) to plodding.  Thinking back, it was over a decade ago when I ran this particular course.  It’s amazing how we change and our bodies change over time.   I remember taking that hill with ease, and now I have an aching in my knees.  But I do not look to the past in sad nastalga, I look to the future when that hill shall be mine again.  Even if the pounds aren’t falling off, I know I’m building muscle, stamina and helping my metabolism.

I also was able to wear a shirt today that has previously been to tight for me.  If feels so good to get back into clothes.


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One Response to 09/08/10 My old stomping grounds. Jog Log: 1.8 miles

  1. andy says:

    i actually had a doctor tell me that when you start exercising to lose weight that it is better to go by how your clothes fit than by what the scale says. like you say, muscle is heavier than fat, so the numbers on your pants come down before the numbers on the scale.

    keep up the good work man. proud of you, and inspired to keep going myself.

    love you brother.

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