08/30 New Weight and Jog Log

Current Weight: 267  Weekly Weight Lost: 0.5  Jog Log: 1.71

While I’m a little surprised that I didn’t lose more now that I’m jogging, I do know that I didn’t do a good with my food.  As you can see, I’ve stopped counting calories.  It became too much of a chore; or it just became great guess work.

I had planned to take Friday off, jog on Saturday, and then take Sunday off (Sabbath, you know.)  But I did so much work getting ready for the kid’s Back to School Blues Water Party, that I counted it as exercise.  So I didn’t jog any on Sat. or Sun.

I guess I’ve locked myself into this jogging thing because I told my congregation at Green Memorial that I was doing this.  I was using it as an illustration.  Thanks to all of you, by the way, who are reading my posts and encouraging me.  I appreciate it.

Today’s jog was better than I thought it would be. Though I hadn’t jogged in three days, my body wasn’t as sluggish as I thought it might be.  Today’s route had me jogging up a large hill.  It was really amazing how once I crested the hill, I could feel the shift in the muscles my legs were using as I started going down hill.  God’s wisdom is awesome.

Here’s my newest jogging question:  Is it still jogging if you get passed by a speed-walker?


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2 Responses to 08/30 New Weight and Jog Log

  1. I call it “slogging”. Slow jogging. I feel like I go super fast, but then the turtles turn to wave back…

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