08/26/10: 1.59 miles Quite Self-Conscious

Who came up the the expression, “You’re making a mountain out of a mole hill?”  I think it was a friend of an overweight beginning jogger.  There were some uneven pavement squares on the sidewalk today that seemed like The White Cliffs of Dover.

As I was driving to work, trying to decide where to jog today, I saw a guys jogging down Central Ave along the shops in Plaza Midwood. I thought, I’ll run there too! As I headed down The Plaza towards Central I saw just how busy it was.  I thought to myself, “Do I really want to run in front of all those people?”  Instead, I turned around and ran through the neighborhood.  I dealt will issues of pride and caring about with others think of me as I ran this morning.  In some respect, I shouldn’t have cared what the morning drivers thought…but I did.  Also, as I’m said before, at http://www.eades-fedup.blogspot.com (my former post home) I know that I am overweight; thus the jogging.

I also took time to appreciate the homes in the neighborhood.  Hopefully, I’ll eventually get to know these people as friends, maybe even church-members.  That’s my prayer, anyway.

Finally, I took my early morning start as an opportunity to start a new daily devotional, “Tozer on Christian Leadership.” I think it will prove beneficial.


About eadesfedup

A guy who wants to be around less...well, at least less a round.
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2 Responses to 08/26/10: 1.59 miles Quite Self-Conscious

  1. Andrew says:

    Hey man. Just keep in mind that everyone you see running all started running sometime. Keep it up man. I’m proud of you.


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