8/23/10 First Jog 1.37 mi

I just finished jogging 1.37 miles. I have already discovered a few things about myself. When I run, I feel like I’m wearing a shirt made of fat. With each step, I felt the entire front of my body jolt towards the ground. My legs also feel like they are made with lead. I felt so unhealthy!

I also learned why I never see any smiling joggers. There is little time to smile while you’re sucking down air.

While I was jogging I was thinking of how good a Dr. Pepper would be…and how bad it would be for me. I think I could hear the pizza I ate for lunch laughing at me.

I know this is going to be a good thing for me. And I get excited about the thought of being proud to run with my shirt off; not that I will, just that one day, I could. The goal, though a long way off, is in sight.


About eadesfedup

A guy who wants to be around less...well, at least less a round.
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